Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the NACDS Regional Chain Conference be held virtually?
A: Yes.  At this time we are planning to hold General Sessions and Virtual Strategic Business Appointments virtually.

Q: Is there a fee to participate?
A: Participation in the 2021 NACDS Virtual Regional Chain Conference is complimentary.

Q: What virtual platform will be used for the conference?
A: General Sessions will be presented through Zoom. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email from Zoom containing your personal link to join the 2021 NACDS Virtual Regional Chain Conference. The same link may be used for both days. This link is unique to you and should not be shared.

Q: What time zone is the 2021 Virtual Regional Chain Conference being held?
A: All events will take place in Eastern Time. Please visit the Schedule for the full program.

Q: If I had registered for the in-person event, do I need to register again for the virtual event?
A: No, previously registered attendees were automatically added to the virtual event and received a unique Zoom link that allows for participation for both days of the conference.

Q: If I have not received my Zoom confirmation email, who do I contact?
A: Please contact Registration if you need did not your Zoom confirmation email.

Q: What should I do if I need to cancel?
A: All cancellations must be made using the official Cancellation Form.  As this is a virtual event, substitutions are not necessary. Simply have the new attendee register. The individual no longer attending should complete the Cancellation Form.

Q: How do I contact attendees to schedule Virtual Strategic Business Appointments?
A: After registering, visit the Participants page to view all attendees. Upon logging in, you will be able to view contact information so that you may reach out and schedule a time to meet using your preferred virtual platform.

Q: What are some best practices for conducting Virtual Strategic Business Appointments?
A: Develop a convincing proposition for each company as to why they will benefit from meeting with you.  Establish a specific agenda for each meeting. Develop a one-pager summarizing the important facts about your company, key products, point of difference and any performance matrices that set you apart from the competition.

Q: Will paid 2021 NACDS Regional Chain Conference One-to-One Business Conference, Registration and Sponsorship fees be refunded?
A: Yes. All paid One-to-One Business Conference fees will be refunded. All paid Registration and Sponsorship fees will be refunded.

Q: Will attendees be refunded for Hotel deposits?
A: NACDS has cancelled all Hotel reservations made through the official NACDS Housing Bureau and no Hotel deposit will be charged. Attendees who made hotel reservations outside the official NACDS Housing Bureau are responsible for notifying the hotel and are subject to the hotel’s policies.

Q: Will attendees be refunded for additional costs such as airline tickets?
A: NACDS will not be responsible for refunds of additional costs.