Sarah Keefer

Thought Leadership Manager IQVIA
Photo of Sarah Keefer

Sarah Keefer is a Thought Leadership Manager with IQVIA, the industry leader in human data science. In her current role at IQVIA, Sarah works directly with Doug Long to assess and provide big data analyses on the evolving pharmaceutical landscape. She is well-versed on various thought leadership topics including biosimilars, market access, generic deflation, LOE, and adherence. Sarah also partners closely with the global thought leadership team to evaluate worldwide pharma trends and the potential impact on the US market. She presents relevant insights and strategic approaches to these topics for a number of wholesaler, retailer, and generic manufacturer audiences.
Prior to her current role, Sarah was engaged in many projects involving Specialty Pharmacy data. She executed the development of compliance-based reporting for Specialty Pharmacy contractual obligations to manufacturers and aided in identifying “best of breed” data layouts for enhancing patient/prescriber insights. Sarah also supported IQVIA’s integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Center of Excellence, where she addressed the regional influence IDNs and payers have on prescribing behavior.

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Q & A: Pharmaceutical Trends, Issues, and Forecasts - Part II

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Monday, February 4, 2019 3:15PM - 4:15PM Gulfstream 1 & 2

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