General Sessions

New Year, More Momentum: Insights from the Advocacy Experts

NACDS’ all-levels and all-branches-of-government advocacy involves modern public affairs tools. Direct advocacy, grassroots, grasstops, public relations, coalitions, polling, and more are aligned to advance a pro-patient and pro-pharmacy agenda. Go inside the “war room” for a discussion on the current state of play.

Monday, January 30

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Grand Cypress Ballroom

Greg Black

Greg Black

Co-Founder and Partner, Waypoint Strategies, LLC

Emily A. Katz

Emily A. Katz

Managing Director, Healthcare Practice Chair, Prime Policy Group

Ken Nahigian

Ken Nahigian

Executive Vice President, Policy & Communications, Nahigian Strategies

Ken has spent more than two decades working at the highest levels of national policy and communications. He serves as the policy translator for the firm’s communications strategies to ensure that complex issues in areas such as healthcare, transportation, technology, homeland security, and many others, are understandable and actionable for clients’ intended audience(s).

NACDS Regoinal - Focus on the Future

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress • Orlando, FL

January 29–31, 2023

The NACDS Regional Chain Conference is a working meeting that offers unique networking opportunities with both your peers and trading partners.

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